Chemistry Data Days 2023

  Flyer Copyright: © NFDI4Chem

Responsible and sustainable research data management (RDM) is becoming increasingly important in all sciences - for many applications it is already mandatory. The non-profit chemistry consortium NFDI4Chem within the National Research Data Infrastructure (NFDI), GDCh (as official partner of NFDI4Chem) and JCF cordially invite you to a two-day event from 6-7 June at the University of Mainz, where we want to give you ideas on what is already possible with chemistry data today. Hear from researchers how they have made their data usable and learn - also in hands-on workshops - what tools and infrastructures are available today to help you structure your data for publication (e.g. Electronic Lab Notebooks and repositories).

The GDCh Career Service and the Association of Salaried Academics and Executives in the Chemical Industry (VAA), in cooperation with the JCF, will provide information on getting your career in chemistry started, including information on the application process and testimonials on the experiences of chemists from industrial companies. All speakers will answer questions from the audience.

egister today! Conference fees and catering are free of charge. You will have to pay for your own accommodation and travel.


NFDI4Chem aims to seamlessly digitise the entire workflow in chemical research. Starting with the provision of open-source Electronic Laboratory Journals (ELNs) and continuing with the development of standards, interfaces and tools, NFDI4Chem strives to close the analogue gaps in the digital research data lifecycle.

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