Friedrich Wilhelm Award for Alina Hermann

  Picture of the award ceremony Copyright: © Andreas Schmitter

Congratulation to Alina Hermann for receiving the Friedrich-Wilhelm Award 2019 for her master thesis. The award is honored annually by the Friedrich Wilhelm Foundation to outstanding scientific achievements of students and scientists from the respective faculties.

The origin of the foundation dates back to 1865, when it was founded by the predecessor of the current Aachener Münchener holding company. The name of the foundation refers to the Prussian Crown Prince Friedrich-Wilhelm and later Emperor Friedrich III, who received a donation of 5.000 thalers from the Aachener und Münchener Feuerversicherungsgesellschaft on his honeymoon in 1858. The donation was conditional for the foundation of a polytechnic institute in Aachen, thus laying the cornerstone for the RWTH Aachen University.