Review about reaction systems in reactive bubbly flows


In this review the groups of Herres-Pawlis and Schlüter focus on established and new reaction systems as well as spectroscopic methods to study bubbly flows. Many bulk chemicals are produced in bubbly flows. As a result they represent a considerable amount of the present-day research of multiphase flows. Description of yield and selectivity are the most challenging parts due to complicated mass transfer processes in those systems. Most research has been performed by using dyes or fluorescence dyes in CO2 systems. Progress in this area was made by incorporation of complex systems from coordination chemistry. New complexes enable the activation of highly inert gases like dioxygen and nitric oxide. The reaction process can be visualised spectroscopically. Those reaction systems are subsequently analysed by process engineers. The review summarises the applied systems and their applications.

The article Reaction Systems for Bubbly Flows is available on the webpage of the publisher (free access).