Poster award at EuroBIC


This year in July, the 16th EuroBIC (European Biological Inorganic Chemistry Conference) took place in Grenoble, France. The EuroBIC is one of the leading international meetings for bioinorganic chemistry and is associated with the Society of Bioinorganic Chemistry.

Additional to 7 public lectures, 37 keynotes, and 62 oral presentations, 236 posters were presented during the conference. At the interface between inorganic chemistry and life science topics from bioinspired chemistry, metalloenzymes and metalloproteins, metallohomeostasis, as well as the areas metals and health, metals and environment, and advanced methods were represented.

In the area of bioinspired chemistry, our working group was represented by a keynote lecture by Sonja Herres-Pawlis on new entatic state model complexes and poster contributions from Regina Schmidt and Rosalie Dalhoff. The poster entitled “New Trans-μ-Peroxido-Copper Complexes as Tyrosinase Model Systems“ by Rosalie Dalhoff was rewarded with one of two public poster awards. This poster focuses on two different tetradentate ligands and their corresponding copper(I) complexes which can activate molecular dioxygen at low temperatures forming trans-μ-peroxido complexes. These species were analyzed regarding their ability to perform catalysis in a similar way as the enzyme tyrosinase.