Research Fields

  Research Fields of the Herres-Pawlis group Copyright: © S. Herres-Pawlis

Professor Dr. Sonja Herres-Pawlis investigates research fields in bioinorganic chemistry,
sustainable polymerisation catalysis, coordination chemistry and catalytic applications.

The focus of bioinorganic studies is on the development and characterisation of entatic
state models
and tyrosinase models.

The main area in the sustainable polymerisation catalysis is in atom transfer radical polymerisation
and lactide polymerisation and chemical reecycling.

In the coordination chemistry topic, bioinspired iron complexes and metal complexes in microgels are studied.

Bioinspired gas-liquid reactions, nitrene chemistry and C-C- as well as C-N-coupling reactions are investigated in
the topic of catalytic applications.

Chemical workflows and research data management support all research areas.