New publication about lactide polymerisation in ChemistryOpen online


New systems were successfully tested in the search for robust catalysts for the ring-opening polymerisation of lactide. In cooperation with the working groups of Prof. Dr. Birgit Weber, Prof. Dr. Andrij Pich and Prof. Dr. Rainer Schobert, zinc complexes were tested as non-toxic catalysts for polylactide synthesis. The zinc systems are distinguished by simple ligand and complex synthesis.

The activity measurement of the systems was monitored by in-situ Raman spectroscopy. Despite the use of an anionic tridentate Schiff base-like ligand system, the systems used are characterised by their good activity in the polymerisation of unpurified technical lactide. The molecular weights obtained are in the range of up to 71.000 g mol-1, which is why an industrial benefit is given. In addition, toxicity measurements of the catalysts were carried out, which prove the non-toxicity of the catalyst.

The article Towards New Robust Zn(II) Complexes for the Ring‐Opening Polymerization of Lactide Under Industrially Relevant Conditions is available on the webpage of the publisher.